5 Best Caribbean Islands to Visit

5 Best Caribbean Islands to Visit

A Complete Guide to the 5 Stunning Caribbean Islands For a Fun-Filled Vacation

If you are planning for an escape from your mundane schedule and hustle and bustle of the city, then plan your trip to these below mentioned 5 Caribbean Islands right away. These islands are surely the treasure trove of the Caribbean and let you witness the exotic and panoramic views of Mother Nature. These islands are counted among the must-visit attractions where holidaymakers can enjoy a chilled vibe along with the solace of wilderness.

Enjoy Lush Beauty at Dominica

The island that tops the list of 5 best Caribbean Islands is none other than Dominica. Often known as the ‘Nature Island’, this island nation is notable Scuba diving Komodo Island for its thriving coral gardens and plenty of outdoor activities. Dominica is not just a picturesque Caribbean Island but also a breathtakingly beautiful nation in the entire world. This place is blessed with cascading waterfalls, lush peaks, deep valleys, raging rivers, and foliage. Dominica has far remained a lesser-known attraction to the tourists owing to its isolated location. Here, you can indulge in several adventurous activities such as snorkeling, hiking, diving etc and pump up your adrenaline rush.


Looking for the liveliest area of the Caribbean? Visit Curacao Island and explore the stunning urban setting amidst turquoise water. This island is well-known for its aesthetic Dutch Colonial architecture and thrilling vibes. Curacao is home to the famous UNESCO World Heritage Site, namely Willemstad that is home to several museums.

Witness the Surreal Dutch Beauty at Saba Island

Home to the highest point in the kingdom of Netherlands, Saba is one of the astonishingly beautiful islands in the world. Its pristine beauty will surely drop your jaw in awe and leave you spellbound for the longer time. It is known for having the most sandy beaches in the Caribbean and can be easily accessed either by sail boat or by plane. Measuring just 13 square km, this Dutch Caribbean Island houses the very popular Saba Marine Park, a famous diving site in the world.

Sint Maarten

Yet another beautiful island on the list of top 5 Caribbean Islands is Sint Maarten. Do you know that this island is shared by both France and the Netherlands? This island is not just famous for its unparalleled beauty but also notable for a mind-boggling number of activities such as golfing, shopping or just taking a leisure stroll around the beach. This island is home to about 37 beaches and thus allows you to enjoy a fun-filled beach vacation.

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