How to Wear Your Silver Bracelets

How to Wear Your Silver Bracelets

Any fashion website will tell you that handmade silver bracelets are amongst the most popular accessories in a girl’s jewellery chest. And why not? There are so many of them: silver bracelets of loopy links,How to Wear Your Silver Bracelets Articles handmade silver cuff and bangle bracelets, silver bracelets with a touch of goldfill, and bracelets with gemstones, crystals, ornamental glass. Clearly, no girl can – or should – have just one.

But how to wear them all? Together? Separately? Here are some hints and suggestions on how to wear your silver bracelets with any garment, in any season, and for any occasion.

Silver bracelets with a long-sleeved top or jumper: This is the outfit with which to take out your biggest, boldest handmade silver bracelets. After all, you don’t want them to get “lost” beneath a winter sleeve, or to compete with the sleeve of your jersey. We suggest handmade silver bracelets of the bangle or cuff variety, which have solidity and “presence”. As an added bonus, these silver bracelets can also be worn atop the sleeve – 1920s style (though this is best done with a solid color, and not a patterned, sleeve). Plain sterling silver is best.

Handmade silver bracelets with a short-sleeved or sleeveless blouse or dress: When your arm is bare, that’s the time to take out the silver bracelets with gemstones, gold-filled accents, or leather or other adornments. Wear handmade silver bracelets on both wrists – perhaps one small one with silver or gold-filled balls on the arm where you place your wristwatch, and one with large links and gemstones on the other arm. Or perhaps stack several handmade silver bracelets on one (or both) arm(s), mixing bangles with silver link bracelets of varying sizes. Or choose one silver bracelet with dainty links and a hint of gemstones, with another that’s full-on with crystals. You get the idea…

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