Peru Travel: Where to Visit Besides Machu Picchu on Your Peru Vacation

Peru Travel: Where to Visit Besides Machu Picchu on Your Peru Vacation

Most Peru vacations include a trip to the marvelous Machu Picchu,Peru Travel: Where to Visit Besides Machu Picchu on Your Peru Vacation Articles but if you can’t fit Machu Picchu into your travel plans, or if you have already experienced the wonders it has to offer, there are still many things to see and do in Peru. Peru has many great historical, cultural, and natural Peru Travel Agency wonders for your Peru trip, check out these top three tips for what to do outside of Machu Picchu.

Explore mystery and history with the Nazca Lines:

People from all around the world travel to the department of Ica to visit the Nazca Lines, declared an UNESCO World Heritage Site for its cultural and historical significance. The Nazca Lines are geoglyphs which spread over 280 miles between the Nazca and Igenio Rivers. The glyphs represent animal, human, and geometric shapes and were created by removing surface stones to reveal the lighter-colored soil underneath. The purpose and meaning of these glyphs remains a mystery today making this site even more intriguing. The best way to admire the lines is from above by taking one of the Nazca line flights, which will take you above the glyphs so you can truly appreciate the precision and variety of the symbols.

Find history and beauty in Arequipa:

The beautiful “White City” or Arequipa city is a perfect place to explore history while enjoying the beautiful landscapes of the Misti Volcano. Called the “White City: because of its gorgeous churches, colonial buildings, and mansions all crafted from sillier, a volcanic stone that is a pearly white. The city of Arequipa also is home to the Santa Catalina Monastery where nuns lived in complete isolation for over 400 years, and is definitely worth a visit. Also in Arequipa you can explore the magnificent Colca Canyon, the deepest canyon in the world. They canyon is the perfect place to see the famous Andean Condor, one of the largest flying birds in existence.

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